Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2017 (Part 2)

Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2017 (Part 2)

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Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2017 - Fixtures, Furniture + Technology (Part 2)

Modern bathroom design in 2017 is marked by a return to the natural as well as understated luxury in favor of minimalism and simplicity.

If you are planning to build or renovate your bathroom space in the next 12 months, read this article as well as Part 1 published earlier this month. These tips are intended to not only give you a more enjoyable bathing experience but also to bring value to your project.

Modern bathroom design in 2017 is marked by a return to the natural as well as understated luxury in favor of minimalism and simplicity. Time-honored features will continue to grow in popularity with others being new to the U.S. market.

Look for more emphasis on unique lighting as well as wood or its qualitative imitation being used as wall panels, decorative elements, and furniture, visually softening spaces and bringing in more organic influences.

Balance of space will be a huge trend for 2017. Use of the same material for wall and floor surfaces, softened by organic materials, and completed with understated and easy to maintain fixtures and furnishings.

Fixtures in 2017

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Kohler

When thinking about trends in plumbing for modern bathroom design, think rough luxury. Rough luxury is about the intrinsic value of objects. The luxury lies in the simplicity and beauty they bring to the space. Timeless, collected looks that are not strong on any one metal, subdued and unfussy.

For those seeking a simple white and black color palette, dark bronze metal finishes add elegance and pulls all the elements together.

Modern Bathroom Design

Source: Tile Mountain and Interiorzine

Black is the new black (again) and nothing says luxury like black fixtures, basins, and tile.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Kohler

Industrial and vintage looks in both basins and fixtures.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Kohler

For a traditional yet of-the-moment style, a predominantly black palette is hard to beat. Brimming with elegance, especially when paired with bronze metallic, black is unfailingly classic and chic.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Kohler

Add black's favorite partner, white, in stunning geometric patterns on walls and floors to keep this classic look distinctly non-stuffy.

Modern Bathroom DesignSource: Interiorzine

Marble cladding for the walls and metal accessories in hues of brass and gold makes for one very trendy 70s inspired bathroom project. Brass is leaping to the forefront as the most fashionable metal for the bathroom.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Interiorzine

Freestanding tubs have been gaining in popularity over the last several years and all indicators point to this trend continuing into 2017. Homeowners and designers love to see the tub as a simple, beautiful piece of furniture in the bath with no surround, no steps, and no platform.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Kohler

Whether you select a simple soaking tub, or a therapeutic air tub with Chroma therapy, heated backrest and built in speakers, the tub for 2017 is sculptural and beautiful, taking on a prominent place in master bathroom design.

Source: Houzz

Pet washing zones and built-in kitty litter boxes are on the increase in bathroom remodels per The Ntaional Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Adding an extra handheld, spray allows makes rinsing dirty paws or an all-out bath much more pleasant for all.

Furniture and technology in 2017

Bathroom Design 2017Source: House Interior

Floating vanities create a sense of space and openness and offer more variation in height. Expect these vanities to offer more practical storage going forward.

Source: Interiorzine

While the white bathroom trend with accents of grays and neutrals will still dominate, we are seeing a strong trend to add natural wood to the bath. It can take a rather cool, sterile design and bring in the warmth of the outdoors to the bathing experience. Pull in wood species and stains used in other rooms for inspiration and to connect the bath with the rest of the home.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Kohler

Bath designers know that a beautiful bathroom is also a well-organized bathroom. Cabinetry manufacturers now offer many interiors options to keep bathroom essentials at hand and fully powered with smart storage options.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Kohler

Technology has followed us into the bathroom in more ways than spray showers and Chroma therapy. Wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices, and docking stations are being incorporated into bathroom mirrors, showerheads, and vanities. For those who love modern design at its most elemental, a showerhead with a pop-out speaker help make this space as high-functioning as it is striking.

Bathroom Design 2017Source: Thermosoft

However, sometimes luxury is simply a little extra-added warmth. Warm toes and a warm towel with in-floor heat and towel warmers can make all the difference on a cold winter's morning. Radiant floor heat is energy efficient because heat rises, warming you from the bottom up.

Moidern Bathroom DesgnRadiant tubes offer a magnificent eclectic touch for any modern foundation.

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